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Cross Training Tips for Beginners

Cross training is a routine that incorporates various different forms of exercise. Cross training allows you to exercise various muscle groups within your body, providing flexibility and strength. It is a very helpful routine for those who would like to enhance and improve their overall fitness levels as a beginner and attain high standards of fitness. It’s also suitable for people who get easily bored and like variety when exercising. Here are cross training tips for beginners.

home cross trainer

Start Fresh With Each Activity

Just because you’re highly effective in your current fitness routine, doesn’t automatically mean that you will be able to immediately excel and train hard when you switch to cross-training. Thus, begin with your new exercise carefully and slowly increase your endurance level. By starting slow and increasing gradually you’ll maintain the enjoyment, motivation, and avoid any injury.

Avoid Fatigue

Cross training challenges your mind and body and is an excellent fitness solution. However, you need to approach this fitness technique carefully. Adding too many new activities too quickly may lead to serious fitness fatigue. Getting tired quickly can make you feel unmotivated and due to lack of concentration and focus you may even injure yourself. So, the advice is don’t add many new activities too quickly – progress gradually.

Alternate Strategies

Avoid cross training in areas that you may have already trained. For example, if you are a runner, you can exercise your arms by lifting weights and let your legs rest. By alternating your fitness strategy and approach you will target and work on specific areas and then rest these areas so that the muscles can repair and renew during training sessions.

Other important tips are:
• Have a plan. Don’t just go to the gym and walk around. You can also try and work on a home cross trainer but if you’re a beginner, that should wait for a while.
• Use appropriate cross-training activities that will benefit your running. Golf, bowling, and billiards may be fun but not beneficial to marathon training. Your cross-training should have a matching intensity and duration of your sport.
• Don’t stress any of your injured areas. For instance, if you have sore knees keep away from sports such as tennis, basketball, and aerobics. 
• Know when to stop. Cross-training is supposed to compliment your current sport not overshadow it.

Cross training ensures that the stress placed on different parts of your body, or on your heart, is balanced and can vary as required. If your body has become efficient with your normal form of exercise, then cross training may be the perfect solution. Cross training can help you to lessen the risks of injury associated with repetitive exercise. To achieve fitness balance you want to combine the elements of strength, flexibility, speed and high intensity. Cross training can help strengthen your heart, improve your muscle tone, reduce body fat and enhance your coordination and balance. Read more →

The best online games if you love sports

There are plenty of sports played all around the world and the sports lovers are always interested in watching online matches so that they can learn several interesting tricks from the experts. Now, you cannot only watch the match of your favorite team but there are several online sports games that can help you improve your skills and movements.

A very common thing about most of the sports lovers that they are always interested in playing several online games. So, the games relevant to their favorite sport can be the greatest attraction for such players. There are plenty of online games available these days that are designed according to the standards of international games.

So, these games will not only work as an entertainment but they’ll also help you understand the rules and regulations of your favorite sport. We have prepared a list of the top online games that are designed according to the standards of international sports. Let’s take a look at these games now.

Fifa 2017

Fifa 2017 is the most popular online game that is played all around the world. Soccer fans are located everywhere and they feel very happy while playing this game. This game helps you learn several dodging tricks. You can choose to play with a random online player or you can also ask a friend to play with you. You can even communicate with the global community of soccer fans. The use of high-quality graphics makes it the greatest attraction for most of the players.

This game provides you a realistic view and you get to learn all the basic and advanced rules and regulations of soccer.

Stick Badminton 2

This game was developed after a huge success of the first version of this game and it managed to break all the previous records. There are several changes made to the newer version with the help of the suggestions provided by the international players. Badminton is another most popular sport that people love to play regularly.

The best thing about this game is that there are several tutorials available that are made by the expert players. These tutorials help you take your game to the next level. You can play this game on several online platforms without any interruption.

World T2

World T2 is the most popular game for cricket lovers. This game is available on several authentic platforms like JuegosFrivGratis.mx: Juegos Friv! You can take your skills to the next level while playing this game. You can choose to play different types of innings in this game. The Twenty 20 match is very popular and most of the players love playing this inning because it consumes less time as compared to other innings. Read more →

Analyzing the Proper Supplementation if you’re a Professional Soccer Player

Soccer players need a combination of speed, stamina and agility to outlast their opponents in the pitch. This means that, on top of eating right, they should take dietary supplements to aid in performance and recovery. Here is the rundown of the best supplements for a professional soccer player.

Vitamin D supplements

The body of a soccer player goes through immense strain, particularly on the bones and joints. Studies have shown that vitamin D assists with the optimization of fast-twitch muscle fibers. To bridge the nutritional gap, the player must consume enough vitamin D for sprinting in short bursts.


It empowers footballers to engage in short displays of strength, power and speed. Ideally, Creatine travels in the brain to demand for energy before the body is pushed to a catabolic state. Other than that, it’s great for muscle development. Since it affects the production of ATP, we can push our bodies harder. Besides that, a player is able to make explosive movements like squatting and other movements during the workout session. Last but not least, Creatine improves the cognitive function of the player. The mind stores additional energy that boosts decision-making and reaction time.

Fish oil supplements

Fish oil contains Omega–3 fatty acids which provide unique benefits to a soccer player. To begin with, it lubricates the joints and prevents stiffness, which in turn helps with hypertrophy, or suplementos para hipertrofia, as they say in Spain.  In addition to that, it improves mobility by reducing the feeling of discomfort and inflammation. Secondly, it gives a sharper brain. This is important because there is a lot of thinking involved when playing soccer. Plus of course, it contributes to the overall well-being.

Branch chain amino acids (BCAAs)

BCAAs are useful supplements for soccer players, particularly when their bodies are in calorie deficit. They aid in recovery of the muscle tissue when running around the pitch for 90 minutes. Not only that, they initiate protein synthesis and assist with glycogen energy production. Because of this, they should be taken before and after a soccer match. BCAAs consist of essential and non-essential amino acids.

Green supplements

They are made up of healthy-plant based ingredients that contain antioxidants, vitamins, and countless of other nutrients. That said, super greens will keep you healthier and fitter in general. Most importantly, your immune system will become stronger. By adding a few green supplements to your diet, you can make it through the games without cramping or tiring.

Final thoughts

Soccer is a physically demanding sport. If you are working hard this season and you’re yet to see the results, try to stick to the above supplements as part of your nutrition program to take your game to the next level. Read more →

The 5 Latest Trends In Healing Sports Injuries

Injuries are an inseparable and unpredictable part of any sport. There are injuries in every game such as hard collisions in football, ligament tearing in basketball and soccer, etc. The athletes put their body on the line with such injuries and that’s why they are paid so high. With the enhancement of technology with each passing day, sports teams and doctors are using some emerging techniques to heal sports injuries. Let’s try to understand some of them.

1. Platelets & Plasma therapy

This type of therapy has been proved beneficial for injuries related to soft tissues. In order to perform this therapy, a physical examination of an injured athlete is done. The physical examination can also be done using imaging techniques to identify the area of injury. After this, the platelet-rich plasma is injected. The high concentrations of platelets deliver the growth factor for insulin, endothelial cell, and epidermal cells which are responsible to stimulate the recovery faster. However, this therapy and its benefits are still under research.


2. Chiropractic Care

This is focused on the treatment of neuromuscular disorders with a focus on treatment through manipulation of the spine as stated from some of the best Chiropractor Charlotte practices we reached out to.  According to them, the best chiropractor can easily reduce pain and increases the functionality of body in its patients. In many hardcore sports, spine exhibits imperfections due to hard collisions and complex movements influencing the other bodily functions as well. Chiropractic care can easily restore the structure of athlete’s spine in a natural way.

3. The EMF therapy

EMF therapy stands for Electromagnetic field therapy. The electric stimulations are used to enhance the healing of soft tissues of the injured area. This therapy makes cells electrically charged so that they can migrate to the injured area using their bioelectricity. This movement of cells promotes angiogenesis and other healing processes. The therapy has proven results in reduction of swelling and also enhancement in the movement of athletes with ankle or joint sprains.

4. Cryotherapy

This amazing therapy has been utilized by the top level athletes for quick recovery. Whole Body Cryotherapy involves exposure to cold dry air with minimal clothing. Usually, a headband, nose and mouth mask as well as dry socks and shoes are put on to protect the patient from cold temperature damage. The temperature varies between – 100C and – 140C for a time interval of 2 to 5 minutes. This reduces the inflammation, lowers the tissue temperature and stimulates recovery. The therapy is initiated within 24 hours post-exercise for best results.

5. Wearable Technology

The wearable sensors combined with the sports equipment provide a gold mine of data. The data collected is utilized and researched by the sports scientists to understand the impact of injuries and prevent injuries like concussions. The athletes are taught about their acceleration and deceleration during the impact. They are also taught the correct posture and strategy to counter such mis-happenings. Read more →

Tips on how to score cheap tickets to Manchester United games

With the way the Red Devils started the 2017-2018 premier league season, countless fans are dying to buy tickets. The truth is, for such big clubs, tickets are not that readily available. However, you do not have to sell your kidney to see Romelu Lukaku do his magic. Here are some amazing tips you can employ to score cheap Manchester United tickets.

Become a member

One of the best ways to be getting tickets to watch Mourinho’s boys play is by joining the members club. To become a member, you need to cough up around $40- 60 a year. Joining usually opens during summer. Members always have access to cheaper tickets before the public. There are also usually lotteries within the member’s cloud that may give you a chance to attend a match if you are the lucky kind.

Know credible touts/ scalpers

There are many forgery centers that sell counterfeit tickets. You should discover them and avoid them like plague. However, there are those that are authentic. You can strike a deal with them on the day of the match and end up paying as much as half the original price.

Always know when the tickets are released

Despite the fixtures having been planned months before the actual date of the match, tickets are made available at least 2 months before the game. You should always acquaint yourself with the system so that you remain alert. This way, you will know which ticketing companies have offers and when they intend to hike their prices.

Watch during cup matches

If your obsession is just to witness Pogba score with an assist from Martial, you can as well pay for cup matches. These tickets are often much cheaper as the giants play against lower ranking teams. However, the games are almost equally epic and enjoyable.



Choose where you sit wisely

Old Trafford and any other stadium are usually divided into 2 sections: the home and the away sections. These sections operate differently to avoid incidents. They also have different charges depending on the opponent in the subject. For instance, if it is a relatively lower rank team, the away section would be cheaper. Why not disguise yourself as an away fan and still get a chance to witness the action? People actually do that.  Also, you do not have to go for the front seats- the back seats are usually cheaper.

Be flexible, outgoing and sharp

If you are sharp and flexible, you might find yourself attending most of the devils’ matches. Why not make a friend from Manchester or London during a game? They sure would be willing to help you secure cheaper subsequent tickets and familiarize you with new tricks.

Manchester United is one of the largest clubs in the U.K. You definitely need skills to be able to secure a cheap seat to watch one of their matches. Use the above tips and more; you might just land an opportunity to watch them demolish one of the other teams. Read more →

3 things you didn’t know about Tournament of Nations

Women soccer lovers are counting the days before the beginning of the 2017 Tournament of Nations. The tournament will be held from July 27 to August 3, in three venues across the West Coast – Seattle, San Diego, and Carson, California. The participants of the tournament are the hosting team, the US, and guest teams from Brazil, Japan, and Australia. It’s the second time this four-team elite group is meeting for an occasion like this, so we were wondering are there any novelties in this year’s competition.

women soccer newsHosting Tournament of Nations

The US Women Soccer team currently holds the first place in the scoreboard, while Japan, Australia, and Brazil hold sixth, seventh, and eighth place respectively. The idea is to host a tournament each summer during the years that do not involve Olympic Games or a World Cup.

For this year, the organizers have prepared the round-robin type of competition, which was formerly held under the name SheBelieves Cup. The winner of the tournament will be selected based on the total score points, as well as overall goal difference, most total goal scores or Fifa ranking, in the case of the first tie-breaker. The total points per game are 3 for wins and 1 for a tie.

Game schedule

The opening day, July 27, starts with the game between Brazil and Japan at CenturyLink Field in Seattle, Washington. The match that follows is holding between the US and Australia, which will be broadcasted on ESPN.

Three days after the opening, July 30, the teams are moving to Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego, California. The pairs for this round of the tournament are Japan and Australia in the first match and the US and Brazil in the latter. This game is scheduled for a broadcast on ESPN 2. Read more →

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What Lukaku brings on Manchester United’s table?

Every international sports news channel including Noticias do Futebol is buzzing about the latest football transfer. As of this Monday, former Everton’s top striker, Romelu Lukaku (24), has signed a 5-year contract with Manchester United. The deal is worth £75 mills, which makes it the second most expensive deal in the history of British football.

Rumors broke that Lukaku’s long-term friend, Pablo Pogba (24), had a crucial role in this epic transfer. However, it’s more likely that the management of Man United made a very calculated move just before the season takes off securing the top striker before anyone else grabs him. The rivalry team, Chelsea, was also interested in bringing Lukaku on their team.

lukaku football newsLukaku’s unstoppable progress

There wasn’t a real discussion about what Lukaku brings on Manchester United’s table. In the last season, Lukaku scored 25 goals in 3267 minutes he spent on the field. His most praised skills such as dribbling, ball control, and sprint speed, has only been tackled by great football experts and followers. It’s true that Lukaku matured, which the player himself finds important for the team. However, his offending and goalkeeping skills are still modestly developed.

This 6’ 3’’ fella has also accomplished a lot when it comes to improving his attacking and movements skills. According to last season’s report, Lukaku’s overall performance scored at 85%, which is slightly bellowed his estimated playing potential. If Manchester United pulls off a good start for this season, we can hope for some great football games, lead by Lukaku, the world’s hottest center.

football news

The dream duo

Another hot topic which fills the lines is how will long-term friends, Lukaku and Pogba, get along in the game. While many experts predict that the duo will face some challenges because of the different game styles, fans are betting that these guys are going to make this season memorable. It’s no secret that Lu and Po share some great chemistry off-the-field, so it’s justified to expect that they will do the same on the field. Whatever it may be, let’s wait for the game with West Ham United, which will be played at Manchester’s home field on August 13.football news Read more →