Analyzing the Proper Supplementation if you’re a Professional Soccer Player

Soccer players need a combination of speed, stamina and agility to outlast their opponents in the pitch. This means that, on top of eating right, they should take dietary supplements to aid in performance and recovery. Here is the rundown of the best supplements for a professional soccer player.

Vitamin D supplements

The body of a soccer player goes through immense strain, particularly on the bones and joints. Studies have shown that vitamin D assists with the optimization of fast-twitch muscle fibers. To bridge the nutritional gap, the player must consume enough vitamin D for sprinting in short bursts.


It empowers footballers to engage in short displays of strength, power and speed. Ideally, Creatine travels in the brain to demand for energy before the body is pushed to a catabolic state. Other than that, it’s great for muscle development. Since it affects the production of ATP, we can push our bodies harder. Besides that, a player is able to make explosive movements like squatting and other movements during the workout session. Last but not least, Creatine improves the cognitive function of the player. The mind stores additional energy that boosts decision-making and reaction time.

Fish oil supplements

Fish oil contains Omega–3 fatty acids which provide unique benefits to a soccer player. To begin with, it lubricates the joints and prevents stiffness, which in turn helps with hypertrophy, or suplementos para hipertrofia, as they say in Spain.  In addition to that, it improves mobility by reducing the feeling of discomfort and inflammation. Secondly, it gives a sharper brain. This is important because there is a lot of thinking involved when playing soccer. Plus of course, it contributes to the overall well-being.

Branch chain amino acids (BCAAs)

BCAAs are useful supplements for soccer players, particularly when their bodies are in calorie deficit. They aid in recovery of the muscle tissue when running around the pitch for 90 minutes. Not only that, they initiate protein synthesis and assist with glycogen energy production. Because of this, they should be taken before and after a soccer match. BCAAs consist of essential and non-essential amino acids.

Green supplements

They are made up of healthy-plant based ingredients that contain antioxidants, vitamins, and countless of other nutrients. That said, super greens will keep you healthier and fitter in general. Most importantly, your immune system will become stronger. By adding a few green supplements to your diet, you can make it through the games without cramping or tiring.

Final thoughts

Soccer is a physically demanding sport. If you are working hard this season and you’re yet to see the results, try to stick to the above supplements as part of your nutrition program to take your game to the next level.